Moure: Utility to swap your mouse buttons


Moure is a small utility to swap your mouse buttons. As we know Windows
system already supports mouse buttons switching, but it has the following
1) All mouses including touchpad are to be swapped.
2) In remote desktop (mstsc), will turn back to what it's designed.

Moure overcomes these 2 limitations. It enables you to only swap buttons
for a particular one or any specified mouses. Other mouse devices or
your touchpad are left unchanged.

Moure remembers your settings in registry, and it automatically reloads
after system booting.


Moure Snapshot
Moure Snapshot

Supported OS

Windows XP and later

Download Link


Mostly I'm using my left hand to control the mouse (designed for right
hand). Recently, trying to relieve my left hand from pains of carpal
tunnel syndrome, I bought a new left-hand mouse (Minicute EZ2, then
got troubles to get accustomed to the left & right confusions.

I'm not a guy of IFIXIT-style, just cann't weld any jump wires. But
as a software engineer, I can make software work as requested, even
weirdly. Then moure was out, proving again the proverb:

-- if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail --

Development Guides

Project website:
Requirements: VS2008 and WDK

Moure is a kernel mouse class filter driver for Windows. So besides
buttons swapping, it can do everything upon HID events for mouses.

Thanks to Rolf Kristensen for his CGridListCtrlEx project:


4 Responses to “Moure: Utility to swap your mouse buttons”

  1. Michael Loomis Says:

    Why not use a pen and tablet device if you have wrist issues? It has solved my problems!


  2. Sen Says:

    Using a trackball myself, and never looked back. Had problems with my right arm/hand before. Unfortunately I don’t think you can easily find a left handed trackball, but there are universal ones that have no preference as well.


  3. Erika Says:

    Thank you so much for this! It even seems to work better with games than Windows’ native button swap.


  4. Andy Says:

    OMG, your software works flawlessly! This is *exactly* what I’ve been looking for as a Logitech SetPoint (now discontinued for newer mice) replacement. You’re a live-saver, thank you <3


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