Ext2Fsd 0.60 was released !

Features implemented or bugfix since V0.53:
    1, Ext4 extent writing support (developed by ngkaho1234 @ gmail.com)
       See his repository for more details:
    2, Size manipulation and i/o path revised for support of indirect and
       extent-based mappings
    3, 16T volume supported (tested and confirmed with 4T volume)
       Version 0.53 and previous versions only support up to 2T volume
       ticket: https://sourceforge.net/p/ext2fsd/bugs/134/
    4, Deletion acceleration: truncation optimized for indirect-based files
    5, Size-expanding disabled in IRP_MJ_CREATE for better performance.
       Windows sometimes would truncate file size back to 0
    6, Support Volume exclusive-open for e2fsprogs utils. Any attempts
       will be denied while EXT4 volume is being checked (e2fsck).
    7, FIXME:  Possible zero-content returned (requesting data from file tail)
    8, FIXME:  File ByteOffset updated for FO_SYNCHRONOUS_IO open (async i/o)
       ticket: https://sourceforge.net/p/ext2fsd/bugs/133/
    9, FIXME:  don't do byte or range round up for paging i/o requests
       ticket: https://sourceforge.net/p/ext2fsd/bugs/129/
   10, FIXME:  occasional block bitmap difference issue, cased by checksum
               caculation in uninit_bg group initializing
Supported Ext3/4 features by 0.60:
    1, flexible inode size: > 128 bytes, up to block size
    2, dir_index:    htree directory index
    3, filetype:     extra file mode in dentry
    4, large_file:   > 4G files supported
    5, sparse_super: super block backup in group descriptor
    6, uninit_bg:    fast fsck and group checksum
    7, extent:       full support with extending and shrinking.
    8, journal:      only support replay for internal journal
    9, flex_bg:      first flexible metadata group
Unsupported Ext3/4 features:
    1, journal: log-based operations, external journal
    2, EA (extended attributes), ACL support
    3, symlink creation
Features to be implemented in next release:
    1, Reparse point support (hardlink, symbolic link etc)
    2, mounted as given user: privilege checking with given uid & gid
Files descriptions:
Ext2Fsd-0.60.exe:       setup wizard for Windows systems (Win2k, Winxp,
                        Vista, Win7, Win8, Server 2003, Server 2008/R2)
Ext2Fsd-0.60.7z:        Batch setup package in 7-zip
Ext2Fsd-0.60.zip:       Batch setup package in zip
Ext2Fsd-0.60.src.7z:    Source codes of Ext3Fsd and Ext2Mgr in 7-zip
Ext2Fsd-0.60.src.zip:   Source codes of Ext3Fsd and Ext2Mgr in zip
Download link:
Files checksum:
C:\Works\Ext2fsd\0.60>sha1sum Ext2Fsd-0.60*
de61f306f9a68590207cc598e84edd7840be23ed *Ext2Fsd-0.60.7z
74937c4f5ef2eb591486bec744444ee280d595db *Ext2Fsd-0.60.exe
8a0e53a3b2b0d56e1d764ae88ff38bbaddb5bc4a *Ext2Fsd-0.60.src.7z
71dfaebfd447f7aa4c0807302ab82839dd0f43ba *Ext2Fsd-0.60.src.zip
944925882c7a279f2a5bb5e7d91c9e3b1c84f3bc *Ext2Fsd-0.60.zip
    The driver may crash your system and ruin your data unexpectedly,
    since there might be software conflicts and I could only test it
    on some of the popular platforms. You should use it with care and
    use it at your own risk!
Matt <mattwu@163.com>

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