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Moure: Utility to swap your mouse buttons

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Moure is a small utility to swap your mouse buttons. As we know Windows
system already supports mouse buttons switching, but it has the following
1) All mouses including touchpad are to be swapped.
2) In remote desktop (mstsc), will turn back to what it's designed.

Moure overcomes these 2 limitations. It enables you to only swap buttons
for a particular one or any specified mouses. Other mouse devices or
your touchpad are left unchanged.

Moure remembers your settings in registry, and it automatically reloads
after system booting.


Moure Snapshot
Moure Snapshot

Supported OS

Windows XP and later

Download Link



Mostly I'm using my left hand to control the mouse (designed for right
hand). Recently, trying to relieve my left hand from pains of carpal
tunnel syndrome, I bought a new left-hand mouse (Minicute EZ2), then
got troubles to get accustomed to the left & right confusions.

I'm not a guy of IFIXIT-style, just cann't weld any jump wires. But
as a software engineer, I can make software work as requested, even
weirdly. Then moure was out, proving again the proverb:

-- if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail --

Development Guides

Project website: https://github.com/matt-wu/Moure
Requirements: VS2008 and WDK

Moure is a kernel mouse class filter driver for Windows. So besides
buttons swapping, it can do everything upon HID events for mouses.

Thanks to Rolf Kristensen for his CGridListCtrlEx project:

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July 9th, 2016 at 2:41 pm

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Ext2Fsd 0.68 was released !

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Features implemented and bugfix:

    1, FIXME: System hang caused by a deadlock in cache manipulation
    2, Optimization: Reaper mechanism improved (global locks removed)
    3, Feature: supporting multiple instances & users for Ext2Mgr
Supported Ext3/4 features:
    1, flexible inode size: > 128 bytes, up to block size
    2, dir_index:    htree directory index
    3, filetype:     extra file mode in dentry
    4, large_file:   > 4G files supported
    5, sparse_super: super block backup in group descriptor
    6, uninit_bg:    fast fsck and group checksum
    7, extent:       full support with extending and shrinking.
    8, journal:      only support replay for internal journal
    9, flex_bg:      first flexible metadata group
   10, symlink and hardlink
   11, Mount-as-user: specified uid/gid supported
Unsupported Ext3/4 features:
    1, journal: log-based operations, external journal
    2, EA (extended attributes), ACL support
Features to be implemented in next release:
   1, Extents management improvement
   2, EA and ACL security checking
Files descriptions:
Ext2Fsd-0.68.exe:       setup wizard for Windows systems (win2k, Winxp, 
                        Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10, Server 2003/2008/2012)
Ext2Fsd-0.68.7z:        Batch setup package in 7-zip
Ext2Fsd-0.68.zip:       Batch setup package in zip

Download link:
Files checksum:
C:\Works\Ext2fsd\0.68>sha1sum Ext2Fsd-0.68*
0ac9f77cd61c28c45f8ddaa871e8de906329f680 *Ext2Fsd-0.68.exe
419249ce7798228afedebcaa53ff00d733b1c883 *Ext2Fsd-0.68.7z
aca0e192b53edd534f8ccef6163e9a3f3930b5d8 *Ext2Fsd-0.68.zip
    The driver may crash your system and ruin your data unexpectedly,
    since there might be software conflicts and I could only test it
    on some of the popular platforms. You should use it with care and
    use it at your own risk!
Matt <mattwu@163.com>

Written by Matt

July 9th, 2016 at 2:15 pm

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