Get WDK:

WDK (Windows Driver Kit) or ifskit are needed to build a kernel driver for Windows. You can get the kit from Microsoft connect website for free:

Get source code of Ext2Fsd using Git:

Ext2Fsd Git repository is hosted by SourceForge.  The default read-only depository is:


SourceForge provides Git sources browsing with this url:;a=summary

More details about Git usage are available at:

SVN repository is read-only:

Ext2Fsd source codes are managed by SVN (Subversion). You can checkout the whole  sources code tree via:

svn co src 

You could also checkout only latest codes rather than everything. To download latest Ext2Fsd sources:

svn co Ext3Fsd

To download latest Ext2Mgr sources:

svn co Ext2Mgr

Optionally,  You can view the content of SVN repository via web through this url: