Ext2Fsd 0.48 was released !

Modifications from V0.46: 

  1. Acronis TrueImage compatible issue solved: Verified with Acronis True Image Home 2009. Also verified with FreeOFTE 3.0, TrueCrypt 6.2a. 
  2. Driver code-signed for Vista and Server 2008 
  3. Bo Branten’s 5+ patches merged, lots ifstest failures resolved
  4. Code improvements for FastIo routines and drive letter & mount points management 
  5. Mount point automatic assignment for USB key and other removable 
    disks or removable media devices 

You can download Ext2Fsd at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/ext2fsd/files/

Ext2Fsd-0.48.exe        9565ffa63cdb22cac81853aec64eed77  
Ext2Fsd-0.48.src.zip    c454f32da6eb7f4c2dcb48cd7788c80b  
Ext2Fsd-0.48.zip         efc34c86e772cd135633f64bee8679d7

Have fun with Ext2Fsd !

180 Responses to “Ext2Fsd 0.48 was released !”

  1. Riley Moses Says:

    So far so good, everything works perfectly! The only issue I’ve had is that if I set Ext2Fsd to start when I log in, a UAC prompt will pop up as soon as I sign on. I’ve tried adding it to the Task Scheduler to “Run with highest privileges” but the prompt still pops up.
    I’m on Vista Business 64-bit, do you have any suggestions?


  2. Matt Says:

    Option 1, Try Norton UAC tool.
    Norton UAC tool supports white/black list. UAC won’t bother once you put Ext2Mgr into the whitelist.
    X86: ftp://ftp.symantec.com/misc/sabu/norton_labs/NUACx86.exe
    X64: ftp://ftp.symantec.com/misc/sabu/norton_labs/NUACx64.exe

    Option 2: Disable UAC :)


  3. yop Says:

    It’s really perfect !! You are wonderful !


  4. Armin Says:

    Great stuff ! :-)

    But…I got random crashes (bsod) while opening directories with lots of smaller files in them…

    thanks 😉


  5. Solarnz Says:

    Thanks so much for the new version


  6. ananazzz Says:

    Big, big thanks for your work! :)


  7. tbon3 Says:

    I have a 2 primary partitions on a 16GB USB drive. #1 is FAT32, #2 is ext2. In volume manager properties, partition #2 has status ‘stopped’ and i cannot add a mount point.
    How can I get this partition ‘online’?


    Sarah Reply:

    I’m getting the same problem!


    Gerald Reply:

    Same here…

    I created the partition on a flash drive using a live boot cd, and now the program knows its there, but there is nothing that can be done with it. additionally, when I add a mount point for the partition in its properties, nothing happens (I click OK and nothing is added to the list). so as it stands right now, nothing can be done with the partition.

    searching for answers on the web only leads me to a whole bunch of dead ends. if anyone has a answer to this, that would be wonderful.


  8. Dave Says:

    When I mount I get Windows 7 telling me that the drive needs to be formatted because it can’t recognize the filesystem. I tried working with the TESTSIGNING option in bcdedit.exe and adding the ext2fsd.sys file to the drivers in the OS using “Driver Signature Enforcer Overrider”, which I saw worked for someone in an Ubuntu forum. Nothing is working! Why me?? Either way I’ve used Ext2Fsd in the past and it is wonderful software.


  9. Alex Says:

    it works, but in windows 7 not very well, very often BSOD


  10. Balint Says:

    xp64, intel matrix raid 0+1 setup. Linux formatted to EXT4 on the RAID0 partition.

    It installs correctly, recognizes the Linux partition and shows the files in the root directory but the directories are empty. Some files in the root directory can be read, other cannot, and they have a wrong size.

    0.46 worked correctly with xp64 on an nvidia raid 0 config. Probably the linux partition was formatted to EXT3 on that config.

    Maybe EXT4 is the problem here. Is it supported? Wiki says it is backward compatible with EXT3.


  11. relegated Says:

    Been getting a lot of BSOD in Windows 7 RC x86 using 0.46, will upgrade to 0.48 but seems other users are having problems too. Normally my message at the top is BAD_POOL_HEADER.

    Do you know if ext2fsd will be fully compatible with Windows 7, if so any date?


  12. relegated Says:

    Sorry, correction, I was using 0.46 and getting BSOD, been using 0.48 for some time with the same issue.


  13. Jcink Says:

    my only problem however is that I’m unable to run the game grand theft auto IV – but it works with ext2ifs which is strange. have not been able to try other exe files… using Windows XP.

    Other than that, this is working well, Thanks. you’ve given users who have low space on their hard disk like me the ability to use the space freely, as well as external drives. :)


  14. eks Says:

    First of all, thanks a lot for ext2fsd! But the new version didn’t worked for me, had to downgrade to 0.46a. :(

    My case is fully documented here: (first and last post)


    Basically, I had it working with 0.46 reading a 560mb ext3 (with 256b inodes) /home partition in the middle of a 1tb disk. Reinstalled WinXP, installed 0.48, and when I try to access the ext3 WinXP asks to format the disk.

    Uninstalled 0.48, installed 0.46a and it now works as before.


  15. Christian Says:

    eks: I see you too have a large EXT-partition that you’re accessing in Windows, could you check and see if you get the same issues as I do?

    Would love to have profiled it myself but I’m a web developer, even asked my father if he could look at it (C/C++ programmer), but he couldn’t make heads or tails of it; Never played around with drivers before, it seems. :-\


  16. Vladimir Says:

    eks, re: I have encountered the same problem in xp… May be there is a bug in exe installer?
    Try to install the driver via inf file in ext2fsd-0.48.zip, it works well for me (note, however, the wrong version, in the inf file). Then ext2mgr and other included tools may be installed manually, if necessary.


  17. Tiberiu Ichim Says:

    Really, the BSOD are really annoying, I’m getting them so often to the point that I dread using my ext2 partitions. My biggest wish right now is for a new release that will solve them. I get the same error “bad pool header”, especially when navigating with Explorer in big folders. I’m using Total Commander and it’s a bit better, but I’ve got those BSODs too, with TC.


  18. Antonello Lobianco Says:

    Hello.. googling I got that (at now, end of sept 2009) no win drivers exist for ext4 partitions.
    Can you give us some comments on the development status (if any) of an ext4 option to be included in ext2fsd ??

    ciao e grazie…


  19. Christian Says:

    Antonello: EXT4 is backwards compatible, so you can use this driver with it. Won’t get the new features of EXT4 though, but that shouldn’t be a necessity when running in Windows anyway.


  20. Paul Docherty Says:

    I had exactly the same problem as eks above. Ext2fsd.46a working fine mounting a truecrypt ext3 volume under winXP. Reinstalled winXP, upgraded to .48, whenever I mounted the volume it came up as unformatted. Found Eks note above, downgraded back to .46a, works perfectly again. I think there is a problem with .48 . . .
    PS great software!


  21. Matt Says:

    Just installed on my laptop with a 320 gig drive partitioned with ~130 Gig for Linux root, ~15 Meg for /boot, ~150 Gig for WinXP, and ~40 Gig for FAT32. v.48 doesn’t seem to mount the / partition correctly…WinXP complains that it needs to be formatted. But, v.46 works just fine.

    Otherwise, awesome job!


  22. Vladimir Says:

    Noted above v.048 WinXP problem seems may be solved manually, by deleting after installation related registry parameter `Automount’ (=0) in [HKLM]/…/Ext2fsd/parameter/ at all, or setting Automount=1 (see, also, corresponding option in Ext2Mgr).


  23. Thomas Says:

    Whenever I change my eSATA Drives formated in ext3 on a WinXP pro SP3 the hole system hangs and Ext2Fsd will not close anymore, so I have to switch the power of.


  24. Christian Says:

    I’ve noticed the same issue as Thomas, after I had upgraded to 0.48 from 0.46. However, after I uninstalled 0.48 and did a manual cleanup of the Registry and the inf-folder (were one file and a couple of reg entries left), I reinstalled 0.48. Now it seems to be working just as nicely as 0.46 was.

    Speed is still a HUGE issue on my 750 GB EXT3 partition though. :-(


  25. bot Says:

    The previous statements about ext4 compatibility are of course wrong. While partially compatible, once you use extents (and why would you not?), compatibility is lost. Hence, no ext2fsd for you.

    I too would very much appreciate support for ext4 in ext2fsd. (any plans, Matt?)


  26. Colin Williams Says:

    Did not mount my ext3 usb drive. I installed it, choose not to run it as a service. Started the manager after install. Saw the disk and choose to assign it a drive letter. However it never gave me a mount point. Could not mount the disk in WinXP professional.


  27. Bo Branten Says:

    All you that are getting BSOD:s should help debug the driver by sending in a memory dump to one of us that knows how to analyze it, Matt is busy but I could try to help: bosse at acc.umu.se

    Regarding ext4: Files stored using extents (default on) can’t be read with the Windows driver but ext4 with mount option noextent or old files on an upgraded ext3 partition can be read.


  28. Bee_Bike Says:

    Excuse me for my precedent comment. ext2fsd seem to work on Windows Seven 64bits but I have to reboot to verify. Thanks


  29. Jasper Says:

    Why do hard links not work?

    When executing under Cygwin something like:
    ln x.txt y.txt
    on an ext2 file system, and then check with
    ls -i
    or with stat I get different inode numbers.
    They should be the same for hard links,
    but instead, I just get a copy of the same file.


  30. Dmitry Says:

    I have some problem with Ext2Fsd-0.48 on Win XP Prof. After 2 days using this one the system send message “Insufficient system resources exist to complete the request”.
    I’m coping many files with size about 30GB and more. After getting the message system was freezing and I need to reboot system by power button.
    Can you advise, what I need to do for solving the problem?



  31. sebastian Says:

    first: thanks! great driver works very well!

    second: I have a problem… I lateley upgraded to win7 and upgraded my fs to ext4! first everything worked as normal, but since mondey (hell-of-patch-atuo-install) the drive is only in read only mode… tried multiple times to fix this with no success! anyone with a similar prob?


  32. Bo Branten Says:

    >second: I have a problem… I lateley upgraded to win7 and upgraded my fs to ext4!

    The driver does not realy support ext4 but you can read old files and files created with mount option “noextent”


  33. Tom Says:

    Reading through these comments, I think it would be great if you could clarify the situation for users with ext4 partitions. Specifically which options (when creating and mounting) are supported, and which are not!



  34. PA Says:

    Thanks a lot for your work, used this driver in Vista succesfully.
    Now on Windows 7 I see in the FAQ page that its NOT officially supported, but I see people here using it though some having BSODs.
    I would like to know if its safe to use on Windows 7? Are there any know problems with the driver (like it would cause data loss) in 7 that would stop anyone from using and just wait for it the be updated?


  35. Bo Brantén Says:

    Hello, some people have reported BSOD on Windows 7 and after analyzing there memory dumps I found an error where the driver referenced memory after it was freed. I have produced a new version of the driver with a fixed for this, you can get it here: http://www.acc.umu.se/~bosse/ext2fsd-new.zip At least one user have reported that the problem is solved in this version. (Note that Matt is the main developer for the driver I only help debug it)


  36. Bo Brantén Says:

    One more thing: Use the driver in the “fre” directory, “i386″ for 32-bit Windows and “amd64″ for 64-bit Windows, just copy the .sys file to \windows\system32\drivers\ Also note that the test release is not signed so on 64-bit Windows you must press F8 at boot and select “disable enforce driver signing”.


  37. Bo Brantén Says:

    Yet another thing: The new test release I mention above also sets the hidden attribute on files stored using ext4 extents, since the driver cant read the content of those files I thought it could avoid confusion if they are not visible.


  38. Hendy Irawan @ Soluvas Says:

    Thank you Matt & Bo Brantén !

    I’ve successfully used Ext2fsd on Windows 7 to read my ext4 filesystem.

    For those interested, the how-to is here: Read ext3/ext4 Partition from Windows 7


  39. Jcink Says:

    I’ve got another odd problem with these drives on Windows XP sp3, wondering if anyone else is having the same issue or if they can reproduce it.

    I’ve got a 1tb drive formatted to ext3, and a FAT32 truecrypt volume. If I so much as try to mount or even go near the file to move it or highlight it, windows explorer just crashes and my drive gets unmounted.

    The volume is 30GB in size.


  40. Lennart Says:


    Just downloaded and followed the instructions of the “beta” for Win7. Until now, no BSOD :-) I’ll be back to report if & how the new version works.

    But .. the ext2 disk not appear with the driveletter in the overview of diskmanagment. And – i think its related – the ext2 disk does not show up in Picasa :-( However, Picasa reads & write in a folder that’ s drag&dropped.


  41. Lennart Says:

    o wait. Picasa sees the Z:\ (= ext2) as a removable drive.


  42. Sal Says:

    I am running Vista Home Premium on a HP laptop; I have a Ubuntu 9.04 Ext3 installed on a PHDD and I have installed both Ext2IFS_1_11a & Ext2Fsd-0.48 and they are able to read the drive and mount it to any drive letter I want, but whenever I attempt to access them, it tells me I have to formate the drive with no other option. I have been attempting to access this drive for 2 months now with no success; if anyone can provide some feedback on how to resolve this, I would greatly appreciate it.


  43. floodx Says:

    Using 7-zip in Win 7 as the file manager works with 0.48 and ext3 (tested 29GB partition) – no BSOD. Explorer gave BSOD every time. Haven’t tried the debug zip above.


  44. Lennart Says:

    Still no BSOD here with the unofficial beta. So, for me its working good!


  45. Tiberiu Ichim Says:

    The new beta driver works! Thanks!!


  46. Alexander Says:

    Ext2Fsd works fine but when will it be possible to use EXT4-Partitions ?


  47. Nick Says:

    Just wanted to note that using both 0.48 and 0.46a, I can see directories in my root folder, but they’re all empty. This is mounting an ext3 partition with 256 size inodes (the default for my ubuntu 9.10 install). I’m not sure why others could access similar partitions with 0.46a, but neither work for me. Maybe ubuntu 9.10 does something else new and exciting, in addition to changing the inode size?


  48. Nick Says:

    Doh. Looks like ubuntu now installs itself with ext4. So naturally neither work!


  49. Avi Wollman Says:

    What to do if Picasa can’t see your ext partition
    the answers here


  50. cygnus Says:

    got one BSOD on win7 with the unofficial beta. Been running it for more than 2 weeks 24/7 and got just the one (used to be once every ~2-3 days).

    Another issue with 0.48+ is that Properties on reports all selected ext3 files/dirs as 0 bytes in size, whereas 0.46 used to take forever to open but reported correct sizes (again the delay occurred only on ext3 partitions)


  51. Bo Brantén Says:

    cygnus – please mail me the minidump from c:\windows\minidump\

    Properties reports correct size for me.


  52. Pierpaolo Cellini Says:

    I think I’ve found that “the blue screen crash” in Windows 7 comes from the presence in the file system, ext2 / 3 of some links” in the loop “(link that points to a path that contains itself). In this situation the number of files goes to be counted to infinity.


  53. JPH Says:

    This is about ext2fs version 0.48, Ext2Mgr 2.47. It sees the insertion of a USB memory stick which was partitioned on a linux machine, and a drive letter is assigned to the partition of interest, and all the files are visible. I am using FreeOTFE
    version and FreeOTFE driver version 5.00.0000 to get access to a Luks volume on a file. If the Luks volume was formatted as a dos file system (back on the linux machine where it was created) then OTFE asks for the passphrase and unlocks it and a new drive letter becomes available via Windows Explorer, for instance. All the files inside the encrypted Luks files become visible. HOWEVER, if the Luks volume on a file is formatted as an ext2 ( back on the linux machine when it was created), then, after the Luks is unlocked, a new drive letter is available, but when I try to access it Windows Explorer says it is not formatted.

    I think this is what is happening … OTFE unlocks it and says to the system that there is a new device; BUT, Ext2fsd does not pick up on it; OR, OTFE doesn’t do the notification completely.

    If someone else could try the EXPERIMENT, I would appreciate it:

    On a linux machine,
    mount # this shows the mounted file systems before the USB
    cat /pro/mounts

    # Insert the usb memory stick
    # cd to the memory stick.
    # The object is to create a file sytem on top of Luks on top of a file on the USB memory stick.

    dd if=/dev/urandom of=./some-file bs=1M count=1 # make a file with
    # random numbers in it
    losetup /dev/loop0 ./some-file # provides access to ./some-file
    # as though it were a device
    cryptsetup luksFormat /dev/loop0
    cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/loop0 Luks-01 # creates /dev/mapper/Luks-01

    losetup /dev/loop1 /dev/mapper/Luks-01 # provides access to the ‘device’
    mkfs.ext2 /dev/loop1
    mkdir ./test-mount-point
    mount /dev/loop1 ./test-mount-point

    cp ./some-file ./test-mount-point

    umount /dev/loop1

    rm -rf ./test-mount-point

    losetup -d /dev/loop1
    cryptsetup luksClose Luks-01 # takes down /dev/mapper/Luks-01
    losetup -d /dev/loop0


    # remove the memory stick

    The test is to see if the file that you copied into the Luks file system appears in a Windows XP system when the memory stick is inserted into the system.


  54. JPH Says:

    I installed Ext2IFS and the ext2 file system encrypted per Luks on Debian etch (4.0)
    works as expected: When it is ‘mounted’ per freeOTFE, then a new volume appears
    in Windows Explorer and I have access to all the files.

    So, I am convinced there is something wrong going on between freeOTFE and ext2fsd.

    Hope someone discovers what it is, because I want to use Ext2fsd.



  55. Bo Brantén Says:

    Pierpaolo Cellini – I did some tests with recursive links on XP without problem, can you say how to create one that triggers the error.


  56. JPH Says:

    Yes. And thank you for your interest. It will be morning before I can post
    exactly what I did. I wrote scripts so that I could be sure that it was repeatable.
    And for me, it is repeatable.

    But I am in the middle of some assigned things right now. So, in the morning.


  57. N.Gautrin Says:

    Nice to see there is other with the BSOD problem, i thought i had a hardware problem and couldn’t find what it was before pinning it down. :)

    I’m using Windows xp 32 bit, and right now i’m in the middle of moving a very large number and volume of files from an ext2 drive to an ext3 drive (both external disk in usb).
    I’m using v0.48 (mainly since the ext3 one use large inodes), and i’ve been having BSOD since i started to transfer the files.

    All goes well as long as i move around directories with not too much files in it and not too voluminous (i’m sure for things under 30Go, for things above 30Go i didn’t find where is the limit yet, through trial and error/BSOD, sometimes 60Go is good, sometimes not, i think it depends on the number of files in the subtree), but as long as i get to one thing too big, it ends up with the “inssufficent ressources to complete” error, and then when i try to access any of the two drives after that (origin or destination), i get a BSOD.
    I can’t give you any dump because i had no swap on the system drive so it was not saved, i’ve changed the configuration so it now have one, i’ll see what it gives.
    I just put in the new driver linked in the comments to see if it’s working, i’ll let you know.

    The BSOD in itself just


  58. J S Says:

    I just installed Windows 7 Ultimate (build 7600) and was able to access my 1TB EXT3 partition. Back in XP I used the “Creat a permanent MountPoint via Session Manager” but now in Windows 7 it always states needing format (*even after restarts, disabling UAC w/e) but works flawlessly under the “Automatic mount via MountManager” so far at least ;-D (Crosses fingers for no BSOD)

    ^Hardcore Linux user, just trying out Win7 for the hell of it now that it’s not beta (i tried that :P)


  59. Jcink Says:

    Ok, I’ve since upgraded my setup to dual boot Windows 7 retail and Ubuntu 9.10 (with ext3 as the file system). I haven’t had a single blue screen problem after applying Bo Brantén’s patch. Much appreciated! All is well, getting speeds over USB at around ~20MB/sec on my 1TB and 500GB drives.

    The only major issue I have now is the problem with TrueCrypt I mentioned back in September still exists. I can’t mount any of my FAT TrueCrypt volumes, when I attempt to, explorer just crashes and then I can’t even mount the drive itself anymore without a reboot. I would love to post detailed error messages or logs but I don’t know where to start. Nothing really happens except a total freeze up. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do since I’m still having this problem, and I’d like to be able to get to my truecrypt drives every now and then? :(


  60. Koen Says:

    Bo Brantén: Thanks a lot for trying to fix the BSOD errors for us. Unfortunately mine are still there. I tried with your version, without your version (0.48) and with version 0.46. The problem is with a 160GD IDE HDD with EXT3.
    I also have another drive, an external usb drive which works fine (I think).
    I have tried with “Automatic mount via MountMgr” or “Create a permanent MountPoint”. With “Create a permanent MountPoint” I can’t access my drives at all. It just says I need to format the drives.
    On my Karmic I have no problem with either of the drives. I’ll try a fsck on the drive.

    Should I send you my c:\windows\minidump\ ? The one I get with your version?


  61. Nick C Says:

    Does ext2fsd support 16KB block sizes as well as 4KB? I have a problem with an EXT3 drive formatted with 16KB block sizes from a SPARC-based Linux box that I can’t access from Ubuntu and wondered if your utility will enable me to get to it from Windows? I have checked the FAQ but there is nothing in there (or anywhere else I can see) about block sizes. Sorry if this is a stupid question!


  62. Nick C Says:

    Further question – after connecting the drive I can see three partitions:

    1 – EXT3 – 2GB – “Linux”
    2 – RAW – 250MB – “Linux swap”
    3 – RAW – 463GB – “Linux LVM”

    I have tried mounting partition 3, the one which contains my data, but without any success. It may be because this partition was created using LVM rather than as a simple EXT3 partition, but I just don’t know enough about Linux to know whether this is the problem or not. I can’t see any mention of LVM and whether ext2fsd is compatible with LVM partitions or not on this website.


  63. Christian F. Says:

    Windows does not support LVM, which lies between the physical HDD and the file system. Thus ext2fsd does not even get to see the logical EXT-3 partition.


  64. Duarte Bruno Says:

    I’ve DL the file but how does one install the beta?


  65. Bo Brantén Says:

    Use the driver in the “fre” directory, “i386″ for 32-bit Windows and “amd64″ for 64-bit Windows, just copy the .sys file to \windows\system32\drivers\ Also note that the test release is not signed so on 64-bit Windows you must press F8 at boot and select “disable enforce driver signing”.


  66. dan Says:

    working great! been transferring big files and using it with heavy I/O for torrents. had to use this instead of other IFS because my ext3 fs has inode size 256. this is working great even with the larger inode size! on other IFS it would not work with inode size 256.


  67. Yuhong Bao Says:

    “Also note that the test release is not signed so on 64-bit Windows you must press F8 at boot and select “disable enforce driver signing”.”
    You can use test signing for things like this.


  68. itti Says:

    it seems to me that ext2mgr simply refuses to show the “unlocked” freeotfe devices “\Device\FreeOTFE\Disks\Disk*”. therefore i’m unable to assign drive letters and windows isn’t using the ext2fsd driver for this partitions which results in “drive is not properly formatted” messages by the windows explorer. what can i do?


  69. Ramesh Says:

    pls help me…. while running this ext2fsd the ext2fsd.sys file will not be created. This is my problem…


  70. richard Says:

    thanks a lot … using 0.48 under XP Home:
    Quite often, when I delete a directory=folder I get the error, that the directory is used and cannot be deleted. But all the files in the folder are deleted. Only the empty dir is left. One can delete the empty dir afterwards. … how come ?


  71. Qurben Says:

    thank you!
    reading is completely working, that’s all i need.

    first one working after 3 others…


  72. Roger Young Says:

    I have the same problem as noted above with all my Linux partitions
    (both ext2 and ext3), namely the drive letters can be assigned, but WinXP
    claims the drives are not formatted. I am using Ext2fsd v.0.48.

    The Ext2fsd data is given below. I have mounted the 4 Linux partitions
    from Disk 0 on drive letters G,H,I,J but none of them can be read
    (they are all seen as unformatted partitions).

    I run WinXP Pro SP2. I use the Linux boot manager (lilo) which is installed
    in the MBR, and WinXP is a menu item.

    I am able to view the contents of all but one of the Linux partitions with Paragon Partition Manager, but when mounted they are again regarded as unformatted.

    Thanks for any suggestions? Some registry tweak?

    Disk devices:

    Disk 0: \Device\Harddisk0\DR0

    ProductId: ST3320620AS
    BusType: ATA
    Media Type: Basic
    DiskGeometry Layout:
    BytesPerSector = 512
    SectorsPerTrack = 63
    TracksPerCylinder = 255
    Cylinderst = 38913
    MediaType: Fixed

    Partition Numbers: 7
    Partition Type: Hidden FAT16
    StartingOffset: 32256
    PartitionLength: 2146765824
    Filesystem: FAT
    Filesystem: FAT

    Size: 2146467840
    Free: 2146172928

    Partition Type: HPFS/NTFS
    StartingOffset: 2146830336
    PartitionLength: 62915134464
    MountPoints: (C:)
    Filesystem: NTFS
    Filesystem: NTFS

    Size: 62915133440
    Free: 49463250944

    Partition Type: Linux
    StartingOffset: 65061964800
    PartitionLength: 92007982080
    MountPoints: (G:)

    Partition Type: Linux
    StartingOffset: 188400070656
    PartitionLength: 45181430784
    MountPoints: (H:)

    Partition Type: Linux swap
    StartingOffset: 233581533696
    PartitionLength: 2154991104

    Partition Type: Linux
    StartingOffset: 258890720256
    PartitionLength: 6851625984
    MountPoints: (I:)

    Partition Type: Linux
    StartingOffset: 265742378496
    PartitionLength: 54303266304
    MountPoints: (J:)

    Disk 1: \Device\Harddisk1\DR8

    VendorId: WDC WD12
    ProductId: 00JB-00DUA3
    BusType: USB
    Media Type: Basic
    DiskGeometry Layout:
    BytesPerSector = 512
    SectorsPerTrack = 63
    TracksPerCylinder = 255
    Cylinderst = 14593
    MediaType: Fixed

    Partition Numbers: 5
    Partition Type: FAT32X
    StartingOffset: 32256
    PartitionLength: 58366554624
    MountPoints: (D:)
    Filesystem: FAT32
    Filesystem: FAT32

    Size: 58352271360
    Free: 30379343872

    Partition Type: Linux
    StartingOffset: 58366586880
    PartitionLength: 27373731840

    Partition Type: Linux
    StartingOffset: 85740350976
    PartitionLength: 12782052864

    Partition Type: Linux swap
    StartingOffset: 98522436096
    PartitionLength: 542836224

    Partition Type: Linux
    StartingOffset: 99065304576
    PartitionLength: 20966206464

    Cdrom/DVD devices:

    Cdrom 0: \Device\Cdrom0

    ProductId: TSSTcorp CD/DVDW SH-S182D
    BusType: ATAPI
    Media Type: DVD
    DiskGeometry Layout:
    BytesPerSector = 2048
    SectorsPerTrack = 32
    TracksPerCylinder = 64
    Cylinderst = 150
    File system: CDFS
    Online,Media Removable
    Mountpoints: (E:)

    Cdrom 1: \Device\Cdrom1

    ProductId: Imation IMW16DL84I
    BusType: ATAPI
    Media Type: DVD
    DiskGeometry Layout:
    BytesPerSector = 0
    SectorsPerTrack = 0
    TracksPerCylinder = 0
    Cylinderst = 0
    Media ejected
    Mountpoints: (F:)

    Volume: \Device\HarddiskVolume1:

    Filesystem: FAT
    Volume status: Online
    size: 2146467840
    free space: 2146172928
    Extent: 0
    DiskNumber: 0
    StartingOffset: 32256
    ExtentLength: 2146765824

    Volume: \Device\HarddiskVolume2:

    Filesystem: NTFS
    Mountpoints: (C:)
    Volume status: Online
    size: 62915133440
    free space: 49463250944
    Extent: 0
    DiskNumber: 0
    StartingOffset: 2146830336
    ExtentLength: 62915134464

    Volume: \Device\HarddiskVolume3:

    Filesystem: EXT2
    Mountpoints: (G:)
    Volume status: Online
    size: 92007982080
    free space: 92007982080
    Extent: 0
    DiskNumber: 0
    StartingOffset: 65061964800
    ExtentLength: 92007982080

    Volume: \Device\HarddiskVolume4:

    Filesystem: EXT2
    Mountpoints: (H:)
    Volume status: Online
    size: 45181430784
    free space: 45181430784
    Extent: 0
    DiskNumber: 0
    StartingOffset: 188400070656
    ExtentLength: 45181430784

    Volume: \Device\HarddiskVolume5:

    Filesystem: SWAP
    Volume status: Online
    size: 2154991104
    free space: 2154991104
    Extent: 0
    DiskNumber: 0
    StartingOffset: 233581533696
    ExtentLength: 2154991104

    Volume: \Device\HarddiskVolume6:

    Filesystem: EXT2
    Mountpoints: (I:)
    Volume status: Online
    size: 6851625984
    free space: 6851625984
    Extent: 0
    DiskNumber: 0
    StartingOffset: 258890720256
    ExtentLength: 6851625984

    Volume: \Device\HarddiskVolume7:

    Filesystem: EXT2
    Mountpoints: (J:)
    Volume status: Online
    size: 54303266304
    free space: 54303266304
    Extent: 0
    DiskNumber: 0
    StartingOffset: 265742378496
    ExtentLength: 54303266304

    Volume: \Device\HarddiskVolume8:

    Filesystem: FAT32
    Mountpoints: (D:)
    Volume status: Online
    size: 58352271360
    free space: 30379343872
    Extent: 0
    DiskNumber: 1
    StartingOffset: 32256
    ExtentLength: 58366554624

    Volume: \Device\HarddiskVolume9:

    Filesystem: EXT2
    Volume status: Online
    size: 27373731840
    free space: 27373731840
    Extent: 0
    DiskNumber: 1
    StartingOffset: 58366586880
    ExtentLength: 27373731840

    Volume: \Device\HarddiskVolume10:

    Filesystem: EXT3
    Volume status: Online
    size: 12782052864
    free space: 12782052864
    Extent: 0
    DiskNumber: 1
    StartingOffset: 85740350976
    ExtentLength: 12782052864

    Volume: \Device\HarddiskVolume11:

    Filesystem: SWAP
    Volume status: Online
    size: 542836224
    free space: 542836224
    Extent: 0
    DiskNumber: 1
    StartingOffset: 98522436096
    ExtentLength: 542836224

    Volume: \Device\HarddiskVolume12:

    Filesystem: EXT3
    Volume status: Online
    size: 20966206464
    free space: 20966206464
    Extent: 0
    DiskNumber: 1
    StartingOffset: 99065304576
    ExtentLength: 20966206464


  73. Epperson Says:

    On the issue of after mounting the partition with a drive letter and windows saying format required – I also had this issue, and I just started the service by going to tools, Service Management and start the service. Once I did that, I had no problems with seeing the base directory of my ext3 partition. Granted, I still have hidden files as I can’t see my home folders at all, But I’m assuming its part of the ext4 thing that ubuntu 9.10 does, even though the partition shows as ext3.


  74. Hook Says:

    4k sector support.
    Since windows doesn’t support 4k sector drives such as WD 1 – 2 TB drives, any problems mounting one formatted ext3 ?


  75. Tilmann Says:

    Thank you for that driver so much. There are two issues which i want to solve.
    1.) i run in the same promlem as eks, i upgraded from 0.46 to 0.48 on a Win-XP SP2 machine and my ext3 partition came as unformated, also Ext2Mgr could not be started. Downgraded to 0.46a and it runs.
    2.) with 0.46 and 0.46a accessing an ext3 partition with utf8 encoding brings up quirky Letters for german umlaut (vowel). Changing “Global Codepage” in “Service Management” in “Volume Manager” from default to utf8 dose not change anything, even other settings do not show any effect.
    Any comment?


  76. eb151 Says:

    Tried Ext2IFS and had problems.

    Loaded Ext2Fsd-0.48 and is working fine so far. XP-Pro-SP2-x86.
    Good work !

    Feature Request:

    Support for GPT partitioned drives greater than 2TB.
    With Ext2 formatted 4k/8k blocks, this would provide support
    for 16TB/32TB drives, giving XP-32bit hudge R/W data disks
    that M$ seems to be closing the door on.


  77. eddie Says:

    ext2fsd saved my life. It’s simple and does what you need. Thank you for your work!


  78. Jordi Says:

    For me it is working ok, but using the patch provided by Bo Brantén. Otherwise I was getting several BSOD errors each day. The only problem I have is that this patch is not digitally signed and I have to disable the digital signature check each time the windows is booting. Does anybody know a solution to this without having to disable the signature check?


  79. cygnus Says:

    Indeed, it seems that Bo’s patch is working for everyone who has bsod problems. Any chance of a proper signed release?!


  80. Payaso Says:

    I recently rebuilt my htpc and decided to you use Win7 x64. On my previous htpc I installed Win XP and used ext2fsd with an ext2 partition. It worked pretty good to prevent fragmentation for all my downloaded files. After the upgrade I was concerned after reading about all the BSODs on win7. Then I saw the beta driver but couldn’t use it because my htpc turns itself on automatically and no one around to push f8 during the boot process. So I was about to put ext2fsd on hold until I found something called ReadyDriverPlus. Supposedly, it that pushes f8 and disables driver signing for you. I have tried it yet but now I am hopeful again. For all those interested until a signed driver is released, here ya go and good luck! http://www.citadelindustries.net/readydriverplus/


  81. Jordi Says:

    It would be good to have the signed driver or a method to disable the enforcement only for this driver. Otherwise you are compromising the whole security of the system.


  82. alex Says:

    I installed win7 and ubuntu9.10 on my laptop, and I installed ext2fsd, want to copy files from ubuntu. But in win7, I can only see directories on my ubuntu, all the directories are empty. Can someone help me to solve it? Thanks.


  83. Andoni Says:

    I have exactly the same problem, alex. I hope someone helps us finding a solution soon.


  84. Tuck Says:

    Regarding the patchfile supplied by Bo from last November,
    1). what do I do with the .pdb file
    2). what do I do with the “chk” directory files?


  85. SubgeniusD Says:

    I have an Ext3 formatted external drive with 450 Gigs of data accumulated with various Linux distros. Running Win 7 Pro on new laptop.

    What a headache. This is summary I made for myself ’cause I assume this driver will fail again for no apparent reason. So far has been steady since finally got working.

    Win 7 has lots of trouble with file tags set by Linux but I’m gradually getting it worked out. Next time I’m going to set up a separate NTFS partition and write all the stuff I want to share to it so can always be read by Linux or Windows without going through this BS again.

    Putzing around with sucky GUIs…….

    1. Re-install with write and force write.

    2. Change folder permissions to full control then change owner to user(self) in advanced tab.

    3. Change to run only as administrator.

    4. Next time fails log GUI steps — first 2 attempts didn’t work. Also try flushing dead drive letters first before deleting and reinstalling ExtFsd.

    5. There are several slightly different GUI step options and one finally worked so next time just play around with it – log steps and save the one that worked.

    6. 3/16/2010 at 2PM after nearly giving up and just doggedly sticking with it —

    7. Don’t forget this may have been enabled by the partdisk tip from technet forum
    for changing disk read only flag even when it says read only etc.

    8. If Windows Explorer fails to list drive go to ExtFsd, right click volume with missing drive letter, hit reload and refresh. Worked.

    9. Never close GUI. Only ever minimize. When reboot or wakeup from sleep drive auto-initiates. Service startup mode = SERVICE_SYSTEM_START


  86. SubgeniusD Says:

    By the way – many distros are releasing now with Ext4 as default. If you format with Ext4 you’re out of luck. There is nothing available to read with Windows and no projects even started that I could find. You’ll need a shared NTFS partition from now on.


  87. Robert Nagy Says:

    To Roger Young (and maybe others who are reporting problems like “Windows complains that disc needs to be formatted”):
    This can occur if you have a hard disk larger than 128 Gbytes. The problem can appear either if you used a Windows installation CD prior to Windows 2000 SP 3 or prior to Windows XP SP 1 while installing Windows, or if you installed Windows using an installation CD with Windows 2000 SP 3 (or higher) or Windows XP SP 1 (or higher), but you had no hard disk in your computer larger than 128 GBytes (137 Gbytes, if incorrectly taken 1GB as 1000 MB) at this time. In such a case you either do not have any support for 48-Bit LBA, or you have support for 48-Bit LBA, but it is disabled.
    It seems, that performing the procedure which is described in Microsoft’s Knowledge Base, KB305098 (for Windows 2000) and KB303013 (for Windows XP) can help. (Please pay attention to the warnings that you find in these articles.)
    Shortly, begin by updating to Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 (or higher) or Windows XP Service Pack 1 (or higher), if necessary.
    Start regedit.exe. Go to the registry key
    and add (or modify if it is already present) a registry value
    type: DWORD
    value: 0x1
    Reboot your computer.
    You can see http://www.fs-driver.org/troubleshoot.html addressing this problem.


  88. Bo Branten Says:

    1). what do I do with the .pdb file
    It is read by the debugger if you debug the driver or analyze a crash dump.

    2). what do I do with the “chk” directory files?
    It is the debug version of the driver, it contains more information and some extra checks but has lower performance.


  89. Bo Branten Says:

    > I installed win7 and ubuntu9.10 on my laptop, and I installed ext2fsd, want to copy files from ubuntu. But in win7, I can only see directories on my ubuntu, all the directories are empty. Can someone help me to solve it? Thanks.

    The driver does not support files stored using ext4 extents witch is default on many new distros, however you can write files from Windows anyway to the directories you se and you can also read files written while using the mount option noextent in Linux.


  90. Lennart Says:

    Is the driver mentioned at the top the same with the bugfixes from Bo Branten (like the one from 30/10). Because the date is september 2009 and suggests that the bugfixes of Bo Branten are not included


  91. Dirk Says:

    Hello together

    I’m running Windows Vista Business 32 bit and installed Ext2fsd to have access to my Ext3 Debian Sqeeze home Partition on the same drive. I could assign a drive letter and the partition is visible as Drive F: in the Explorer.

    The problem is i can’t access it because Windows want to format it first.

    Before trying Ext2fsd I also tried Ext2IFS with the same result There is a commandline diagnostic tool availible on the homepage from Ext2IFS and it told me that I have to change the Inode size from 256 to 128 KB first before I could use the driver.

    Why does the Ext2FSD driver leads to the same result in spite of its capability to handle 256 KB Inodes and is there a solution of this problem yet?


  92. Bo Branten Says:

    The latest version is here: http://www.acc.umu.se/~bosse/ext2fsd-new.zip

    To use it you first install the distribution and then copy the new .sys file to \windows\system32\drivers.


  93. Dirk Says:

    I did as you advised and copied the driver from =>fre0=>x860=>ext2fsd.sys into the System32 directory but it didn’t help. This new driver should be a fix for BSOD in Win7? Maybe that’s because it doesn’t work?

    It’s the same result as before: Windows just wants to format the drive.



  94. Dirk Says:

    ..maybe the reason that it doesn’t work is because may Partition to mount is NOT a primary partition but a logical partition in a Extended Partition?


  95. Mayo Says:

    http://ext2read.blogspot.com/ -> According to the home page, it can read ext4 file systems with extents.
    However, this is not a file system driver (think explore2fs and not ext2fsd/ext2ifs).


  96. Arie Skliarouk Says:

    Whoever has been bitten by “Empty directories” bug might want to subscribe to the following bug to be notified when it gets fixed:


  97. Paul Docherty Says:

    As regard the “WIndows complains that the disc needs to be formatted” problem detailed by Roger Nagy in his Apr 4 2010 note and my note of Sept 29 above –

    I have a 500 gig USB disc partitioned into two 224 gig areas, one of which is NTFS and the other ext3. My system is dual boot winXP SP3 and suse 11.2 and the ext3 partition which is used by both OS is encrypted as a device using Truecrypt.

    I have been using Ext2Fsd for some time to mount the ext3 part then remount it using Truecrypt, most recently using the .046a release. I had found that if I mounted the USB disc using the “usb mount” option it came up with the “windows needs formatting” error, but if I mounted it as a fixed disc it worked fine after a reboot.

    For other reasons I had to reinstall winXP, so in order to upgrade (and reading the note from Matt on the .048 release notes that said USB was improved) I installed .048 and found the same “windows needs reformatting” error, whether I mounted as USB or as fixed disc. I spent some hours trying various combinations but the error stayed. Interestingly, I tried Matt’s “mountdiag” tool and it told me that the problem was that the ext3 was 128 bit i-nodes and that I should back up the data, reformat to the larger i-node size, and try again. I haven’t really the time to do this at the moment, and given that I knew 0.46a had mounted the part fine I was a bit skeptical of this solution.

    So I again uninstalled .048, rebooted, cleaned the registry, installed .046a and mounted the ext3 encrypted part as a fixed disc. Once again everything works fine, and I don’t seem to see any problems even when I unplug and replug the USB disc.

    Again, thanks to Matt for a great utility. I’m passing on my results above as a help to others with the problem and possibly as some clues to Matt in terms of tracking down the issue.


  98. ABEgorov Says:

    I have problem with “unformated partition” on Windows 7 64-bit. For me: changing Tools -> Service Management -> Service Startup Mode from SERVICE_SYSTEM_START to SERVICE_BOOT_START solved problem.


  99. Gorrila_King Says:

    I totally agree with ABEgorov statement; If you have problems getting with “unformated partition” on Windows 7 64-bit, open up Ext2Fsd program and go to Tools -> Service Management -> and change Service Startup Mode from SERVICE_SYSTEM_START to SERVICE_BOOT_START. And last reboot computer.


  100. PA Says:

    In case anyone gets confused, like me, about what drivers to install, as they are all the same version:

    In the Ext2Fsd-0.48.zip you can download from sourceforge you will find 2 versions, one signed and one unsigned for each different OS (2K, XP and 64 bits), both of them are, and in case of the XP versions (valid for Vista & 7) checksums are:

    ext2fsd.sys (signed):
    CRC32: 12A396CB
    MD5: 0F8F910C369D8B45FACFDA04CBB8008E

    ext2fsd.sys (unsigned):
    CRC32: 32F75689
    MD5: 9F8D1120E72C627BB2549B0424D2BD9A

    These ones do not contain any of the mentioned patches.

    On the other hand the fixed driver you can download from:

    its v0.48.7.26 too but unsigned only and the Ext2fsd.sys has this checksums:

    CRC32: BC685D60
    MD5: 58A481B3C79B9B3A1AEC669CFD691E17


  101. hucer69 Says:

    Works perfectly under Windows 7 64 !

    Thanks a lot for your great work :)


  102. BSOD Says:

    Is there something in particular that I need to do to view the data on my ext3 partition? Its not letting me view my data on my ext3 partition.


  103. anonymous coward Says:

    It works great, thanks alot !


  104. Neophile Says:

    sometime blue screen crash windows seven 64bit edition on my ext3 mandriva partitions


  105. Anilikos Says:

    Hey guys,
    I myself find it super but while trying to read an ext4 under w7 64bit i get my folders visible but no files inside!

    What could be the cause of that?



  106. Nir Nagid Says:

    Anyone know if there’s any chance of having UNICODE support anytime soon?


  107. Icebear Says:

    Hi Guys
    Wanted to leave a short guide for all having problems with ext2fsd+freeotfe on windows 7 x64:
    1) Enable testsigning as explained in the FAQs
    2) Download Ext2Fsd-0.48.zip from sourceforge
    NOTE: the installer version didnt work for me – always got the “disk is not formarted error” dont know what causes this and didnt investigate further.
    3) Extracted and rename Ext2Fsd-0.48\Ext2Fsd\Setup\w64\ext2fsd.sys to ext2fsd.unsigned or delete the file
    4) rename Ext2Fsd-0.48\Ext2Fsd\Setup\w64\ext2fsd.signed.sys to ext2fsd.sys
    5) edit Ext2Fsd-0.48\Ext2Fsd\Setup\ext2fsd.inf
    search for the following lines:

    and change them to:
    6) run “setup.bat w64″

    Note: I have UAC diabled, dont know if it works with UAC on


  108. jimpoison Says:

    the link for the driver fix (ext2fsd.new.zip) unfortunately is down. could someone reupload it or tell me another download location that works?


  109. Bo Branten Says:

    You have been waiting for this!

    I have now implemented preliminary support for ext4. You can download the latest driver here http://www.acc.umu.se/~bosse/ext2fsd-0.48-bb4.zip

    The driver should be safe to use but there are still some limitations on how big files and directorys that can be read and written.

    To use it you install the original 0.48 version and then copy the new driver to \Windows\system32\drivers.

    Please report how it works to bosse@acc.umu.se


  110. Bo Branten Says:

    New release with full support for big files and directorys on ext4 http://www.acc.umu.se/~bosse/ext2fsd-0.48-bb5.zip


  111. Bo Branten Says:

    The latest release is http://www.acc.umu.se/~bosse/ext2fsd-0.48-bb7.zip The bug fixes in the last two versions is related to reading very big files (like more than 44GB)


  112. JC Says:

    Thanks Icebear


  113. scott Says:

    im still having problems i dont know if its cause of big transfers or just using it for hours but either way when im transferring alot it will freeze up and if i dont cancel the transfer when i catch that it hangs then it will shutdown and give me the blue screen error


  114. someone Says:

    Reporting another success with the updated (Bo Branten’s 0.48-bb7) version. With a nearly-empty drive, the original version worked, but I went ahead and installed the fixed one to prevent later BSOD problems

    What would it take to get that signed? It’s somewhat irritating getting “drive must be formatted” and having to reboot any time I forget to F8 during boot.


  115. Josito Says:


    I have a problem with the application. Sometimes, I want stop the service of the program (ext2fsd), which we can start in “Service Management”, but, once started, I can’t stop it!

    Could somebody help me?? Thanks you very much ^^


  116. a guy Says:

    Don’t know the answer to the problem, but two things to consider:

    1) What version of Windows are you using (eg Windows XP Home 32-bit), and what version of ext2fsd? It’s much easier for someone to help you when you include as much information as possible in the initial bug report.

    2) It’s entirely possible that Windows won’t allow this service to be killed once started; I know that this is true of some Windows components (and some will re-set to automatic on reboot even if you try to disable them).


  117. zeddock Says:

    Link to updated driver which gets around BSOD is no longer good.

    Any chance of a redirect, please?

    Is the thing still unsigned and thus we must hit F8 on boot?

    Thanx again for a great thing!



  118. zeddock Says:

    Scratch that! Now it is working.



  119. vidar Says:

    Thanks Icebear,

    finally I can access my Cryptsetup/LUKS encrypted ext3 volume from Windows XP with FreeOTFE and Ext2Fsd. You are right the Ext2Fsd-0.48.zip works, while the Ext2Fsd-0.48.exe did not (“not formated” winodws message). Maybe Bo Branténs patched version (currently ext2fsd-0.48-bb8.zip) works as well. The confusing bit remaining, as itti mentioned above, is the fact that the FreeOTFE created drive (device “\Device\FreeOTFE\Disks\Disk*”) is not shown in Ext2Mgr (v2.48). From your registry changes above (the values you changed in ext2fsd.inf before installation), I guess that you faced the same problem. The last remaining irritating problem, is that the Ext2Fsd Registry-Key ‘CodePage’ does not seem to have any effect. After setting it to utf8 non-ascii characters in filenames (‘é’) still are not displayed correctly.
    Conclusion: FreeOTFE+Ext2Fsd works technically with some challenges in the user experience. Ex2ifs did not work for me in this situation (probably the inode size != 128 problem in the current version 1.11a or some other interference with FreeOTFE, did not investigate further).

    Thanks to all Ext2Fsd hackers, good stuff.


  120. Amit Prakash Ambasta Says:


    Ext2FSD works perfectly w/ Branten’s patches for ext4 support w/ extents. However, a lot of files in Asian or other unicode characters turn up w/ gibberish names. Probably unicode support is missing, so wanted to point that out.

    Otherwise its brilliant work done.
    Thanks a lot


  121. Starbetrayer Says:

    I just want to report that I am suffering in my opinion a memory leak from the driver.
    My OS is Windows 7 64 bits. I can install the driver without any problems, it works right out of the box.
    As soon as I start explorer.exe and go explore the ext3 drive, my memory usage is jumping 2.5G !!!!!!!

    I can provide log and/or screen copy



  122. sabih Says:

    hi all,
    Can anyone give somewhat detailed instructions on
    how to install ext2fsd in Windows 7. I’m new to it
    don’t know about the compatibility issues. When i install
    it in Vista service pack 2 mode it works fine without the patch
    for ext4. Unfortunately, with the patch I get ‘Ext2fsd could not
    be started.’ in the service management window.
    It would be really appreciated if someone could point out a way to solve this.
    Thanks in advance!


  123. alex.l Says:

    to sabih:
    Patched ext2fsd is not signed by Microsoft, original package (without ext4 support) is signed.
    Unsigned drivers are not loaded by default in Windows Vista and 7 (esp. 64bit).
    To load unsigned drivers press F8 on system boot and select option that allows unsigned drivers.


  124. kenorb Says:

    If you want to access or recover files from ext3 within LVM/LVM2, try FreeOTFE + TestDisk&PhotoRec


  125. SubgeniusD Says:

    Regarding the unsigned drivers and pressing F8.

    I dual boot with Win 7 on one internal HD, Mandriva on the other.

    Getting this to work without one OS overwritng the other one’s MBR during installation was a real PITA.

    The only way I found to make it happen was to boot up both OSes with GRUB2 and pressing F8 during a GRUB bootup doesn’t do anything.

    So it’s back to logging off and booting into Mandriva whenever I need to read one of my archive disks.

    Maybe 0.49 will just do what it’s supposed to do when properly installed. Imagine that!!


  126. alex.l Says:

    I too use grub as primary boot manager in dual boot with Windows 7.
    F8 works only after selecting windows in grub – immediately after pressing enter. At this time windows loader is started.
    That works for me.


  127. Bo Brantén Says:

    I see here that people are having problem pressing F8 at boot when dual booting Linux and Windows but that only ocure if you have only a single Windows installation, if you have more than one or more than one entry in youre boot.ini file Windows will stop and wait for you to select one option and then you can press F8 so you can just add one option with bcedit even if you don’t need one to get the delay at boot.


  128. Bo Brantén Says:

    Here is the command:
    bcdedit /copy {current} /d “New Windows 7 boot entry I just copied!”
    The point is usually to set some special boot options in the new entry but you can have it just to get the delay at boot.


  129. SubgeniusD Says:

    “F8 works only after selecting windows in grub – immediately after pressing enter.”

    Tried that several times with no result before posting. Even tried Enter-F8 at same time.

    “Here is the command:”

    Thanx Bo for the help and for all the work on this complicated project.

    I’ve since transferred all archives onto new NTFS hdds and converted older Ext3 drives back to NTFS so won’t be wrestling with Ext2Fsd anymore. Actually prefer Ext3/4 formatted hdds but not worth the time and frustration anymore.


  130. Matthijs Says:

    is it possible to place the latest build on top? Because the page http://www.acc.umu.se/~bosse/ has a new version (bb8, but only bb7 is mentionend here).


  131. alex.l Says:

    Agree with Matthijs, additioanlly mirror site http://branten.se/nt/ is outdated too.

    Another question: I tried to use ext4 on truecrypt volume. I successfully created partition under linux. Partition is successfully mounted on linux. But I couldn’t mount it on windows. Where is the problem, truecrypt or ext2fsd? (I used ext2fsd-0.48-bb8 and truecrypt 7.0a on windows)


  132. Himanshu Gajwani Says:


    1: Uninstall EXT2FSD and EXT2IFS (Restart)

    2: Restart again, during restart press F8 to bring up the, “Advanced Boot Options”.

    3: Under Advanced Boot Options highlight, “Disable Driver Signature Enforcement” (Hit enter).

    4: Install EXT2FSD (Restart)

    5: Restart again, during restart press F8 to bring up the, “Advanced Boot Options”.

    6: Under Advanced Boot Options highlight, “Disable Driver Signature Enforcement” (Hit enter).

    7: Start up (if you don’t have it started on start up) EXT2FSD. Assign your HDD a letter.

    8: Right click your listed HDD in the EXT2FSD program. Select service management, Service Status should be started. If not click the Start button.


  133. Himanshu Gajwani Says:



  134. jdai Says:

    Hi I use W7/64 Ultimate and Ubuntu 9.04/32. I cannot install it even I pressed F8, seems always asks admin and I’m member if admin group. I use cmd prompt.

    Errors are in setup.bat:
    copy .\ext2fsd.inf %windir%\inf > NUL
    rundll32.exe setupapi.dll,InstallHinfSection DefaultInstall 132 .\ext2fsd.inf

    When I run .exe it says unable to execute Exe2Mgr.exe, I can manually run and set fixed point, will reboot to see how


  135. jdai Says:

    after reboot it seems works. I wonder, whether new version can support linux hidden files attribute, say not shown .xxx files. thanks alot for this new version.


  136. Jacob Kochems Says:

    Hi, I use the ext2fsd-0.48-bb8 with WinXP and i can read/write to my ext4 volumes. However, if i restart Windows the “Volume attribute” flag: “Mount volume in read only mode” will allways be reset.
    Is there a way to freeze this setting permanently?

    best regards


  137. Bo Brantén Says:

    It is supposed to be read-only on ext4 since we don’t consider writing safe yet, that it is possible to turn on writing temporarily is a bug.


  138. Bo Brantén Says:

    Great news! Now there is a signed version of the latest release with support for ext4 extents and bug fixes for Windows 7: http://www.acc.umu.se/~bosse/ext2fsd-0.48-bb8-signed.zip

    As usual first install the original 0.48 release and then copy the new .sys file to \windows\system32\drivers.


  139. joe Says:

    Nice program. Any plans on implementing different view modes in the right pane. That big icon view is veeery irritating. A detailed view with sorting ability would be sweet.


  140. Romani Says:

    ReactOS Foundation now providing free driver signing fot open sources drivers like yours. please see details on http://www.reactos.org/wiki/Driver_Signing
    It will be great to have oficially signed Ext2fsd.
    It will be great to have ext4 support or 64bit driver too…


  141. alexss Says:

    works, but 600 Kbytes/sec is not what I expected…


  142. alexss Says:

    correction: after reboot it is 1 Mbyte/sec – still not very fast, but better


  143. Mae Bonnlander Says:

    At times the issue can be solved by switching off the console. I will advise you to switch off for 20 to thirty minutes 1st. The thought here is that the console may well just be overheat. The difficulty might be solved by itself when the console cools down. When you have switched off the PS3, you can also test the cables to make confident that they are connected properly. You may also want to get the challenging drive out to set it back yet again.
    Learn more PlayStation 3 guidelines


  144. Vince Says:

    Lots of fun, NOT Just installed it and used the SERVICE_BOOT_START because it didnt work.. then the REAL FUN started, windows does not load, anymore, system recovery crap, seems my drive letters are messed up and or my windows loader is changed.. diskpart changing the drive letter is not working with me yet.. they change back.. very very annoying


  145. Vince Says:

    Well not exactly sure it might not have been the driveletter and loader thing but this fun thing costed me quite some time.. I kept getting to sys recovery mode cmd prompt
    I think what finally made me fix it was renaming system32/drivers/ext2fsd.sys to bak, (besides spending time on bcdedit & bootrec) after that I managed to finally load in save mode, uninstalled the thing, searched through registry, removed keys (so uninstall didnt really work that well) and well got things fixed again.
    somehow I had version 0.39 and not the more recent 0.48 or 0.50 so this might also have to do with it.. anyways dare i do this again? Only will try in vmware or something :)
    hopefully I’m writing this for the next guy who runs in an evening killer like this


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  147. Kiwi Says:

    Well I don`t know if here is the correct site to post it i am having a problem mounting 2 primary partitions on 1 usb device.

    Both Partitions are Ext4, but only the first one is mountable.
    Thanks in advance :-)


  148. Darlene Buitron Says:

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  149. Feu Says:


    I need to recuperate my files from Ubuntu 12.04 cuz it won’t boot anymore.
    I’m trying to recupe it from Windows 7 using ext2Fsd.
    But after I mount the Ubuntu directory…many of the folders are empty.
    Documents. Media in the home directory doesn’t show up…

    I hope you can help.

    Thanks in advance.


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