Ext2Fsd 0.51 was released !

Release Notes for Ext2Fsd V0.51
Features implemented and bugfix since V0.50:
1, FIXME: Data corruption issue, especially for multiple-thread
   writing on XP system
2, FIXME: Set ValidDataLength only for FileEndOfFileInformation
   w/ AdvanceOnly
3, Support writing to ext4 volumes w/ flex_bg
4, Code cleanup and enhancement for global/volume property settings
Supported Ext3/4 features by 0.51:
1, flexible inode size: > 128 bytes, up to block size
2, dir_index:    htree directory index
3, filetype:     extra file mode in dentry
4, large_file:   > 4G files supported
5, sparse_super: super block backup in group descriptor
6, uninit_bg:    fast fsck and group checksum
7, extent:       reading, writing with no extending.
8, journal:      only support replay for internal journal
9, flex_bg:      first flexible metadata group
Unsupported Ext3/4 features:
1, journal: log-based operations, external journal
2, extent: size truncating & expanding, file deletion
3, EA (extended attributes), ACL support
Features to be implemented in future:
1, EXT3/4 features support (extents, journal)
2, Documents improvement: clear and elaborate
3, Performance improvement, code optimization
4, Automatic check & update of new versions
5, LVM support, e2fsprogs porting for Windows
Files descriptions:
Ext2Fsd-0.51.exe:       setup wizard for Windows systems (Win2k, Winxp,
                        Vista, Win7, Server 2003, Server 2008/R2)
Ext2Fsd-0.51.7z:        Batch setup package in 7-zip
Ext2Fsd-0.51.zip:       Batch setup package in zip
Ext2Fsd-0.51.src.7z:    Source codes of Ext3Fsd and Ext2Mgr in 7-zip
Ext2Fsd-0.51.src.zip:   Source codes of Ext3Fsd and Ext2Mgr in zip
Download link:

Files checksum:
C:\Works\Ext2fsd\0.51>sha1sum Ext2Fsd-0.51*
b2baa15e43c130a4e05549afcde6c6acbbbdeee9   Ext2Fsd-0.51.7z
b622c556e203f1b8cf361a8bde2deb13ac22a1f6   Ext2Fsd-0.51.exe
c07a15c30532f41354668dc17d449156d3f50269   Ext2Fsd-0.51.src.7z
5e0c5109adf4989f4433ae04f7643323e615bfcd   Ext2Fsd-0.51.src.zip
a75706bea9d4285f9177103e81152de0355988b0   Ext2Fsd-0.51.zip
The driver may crash your system and ruin your data unexpectedly,
since there might be software conflicts and I could only test it
on some of the popular platforms. You should use it with care and
use it at your own risk!
Matt <mattwu@163.com>

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71 Responses to “Ext2Fsd 0.51 was released !”

  1. Juan AR Says:

    Thanks for your incredible job. :)


  2. kugel Says:

    Very nice! Great job.

    However, there’s still the issue that the “Mount in read-only mode” setting always resets to yes upon reboot, meaning I need to enable write support on every boot.

    Otherwise it works great for ext4.


    Matt Reply:

    Seems your ext4 volume contains features that are not supported by Ext2Fsd. Try debugfs and execute command “stats” to print the details.


    kugel Reply:

    I’m pretty sure it doesn’t. I made sure I created it and mount it without the features in Linux (no acl, extended user attributes, etc).

    Best regards.


    Ax Reply:

    Same problem here.
    In my opinion, the service just does not read its settings when starting, but instead uses default values.
    Btw, is it possible to set writing mode to each Volume from the commandline instead of using the GUI?
    That would help a lot with automated administrative tasks.

    Else, great work, keep it up :-)

    Nohajc Reply:

    I must confirm that ext4 always falls back to read-only mount. I’d like to find a solution to this problem because I’ve been playing with ImDisk (http://www.ltr-data.se/opencode.html/) and actually began to write a module that reads LVM metadata and maps the harddisk regions onto a virtual drive which is already readable via ext2fsd! So right now I have read-only access to any linear LVM logical drive from Windows (not very well tested so far but it seems to be working) but I don’t know how to make it writable. ImDisk creates a Windows volume object which represents only one partition and it hasn’t got any underlying disk which would appear to the system as physical. So ext2mgr cannot even see this drive in its list. As far as I can guess, it only works because it is ImDisk which handles the mounting process. So it is readable as ext3/4 but cannot be configured from the gui. Is there any other way, or a change of your program would be necessary?


  3. Sam Says:

    My system is now usable with 0.51 – still having locking/corruption issues. I filed https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3369338&group_id=43775&atid=437368 for this.


  4. Sam Says:



  5. Moo Says:

    Is there some way to make this case-sensitive without using the windows registry hack which makes all drives case-sensitive?


  6. issicus Says:

    thanks for the great work.

    I think this is user error. it wont mount a RAW linux partition. i should change it to swap. sorry idk the difference.


  7. Devin Cofer Says:


    Could you please consider adding support for GPT disks/partitions, even if it has to be a separate disk from Windows, in future versions?

    Thank you.


    Miroslav Rovis Reply:

    So, GPT seems not supported yet.
    I know this is a gift, and a real gift, not bogus. So, I’ll be thankful if the support for GPT will be there in the future.
    But I can’t really use this program without GPT support, sadly.


    Miroslav Rovis Reply:

    The support for GPT is probably not down to Ext2fsd program… No, it depends on the Windows OS in question…
    Sorry for my unintentionally misguiding comment.

    OTOH, I’ll try and report back if I was able to use this program on a few GPT disks… Surely, I think Windows XP 64bit can’t recognize them, but I also have Vista Business and it *should* recognize them, read and write them.

    Cheers again!


  8. OSPN Press 第14号 (2011/8/10発行) Says:

    [...] ◆2011/7/9 『WindowsからExt2/3/4のファイルシステムを扱える「Ext2Fsd 0.51」リリース』 → http://www.ext2fsd.com/?p=112 [...]

  9. Arthas W Says:

    Not work for me… using 35gb ext4 auto configured by ubuntu installation.
    Mounting via mountmgr seems unusable, cuz mountpoints area is still blank…
    Creating a permanent mountpoint or mounting via DefineDosDevice works, but filesystem is inaccessible.
    Any suggestions?


  10. Arthas W Says:

    oh btw, I’m using it with win7.


  11. Romani Says:

    What means “Support writing to ext4 volumes w/ flex_bg”
    Support writing WITH or WITHOUT flex_bg? And, more interesting question – if i have ext4 fs and ext2fsd – can i still write new file, maybe without extents, but readeble by linux?


  12. nicose Says:

    Thanks for the hard work. driver not working for me on win7 x64. Tried everything but no joy. Nothing detected.


  13. Romani Says:

    Ok. i tried it on WinXP and 1,5Tb ext3 volume…i tried to copy bunch of files and while i copy them one by one it was pretty much ok, but when i tried to copy whole folder – Write error and ext2fsd stopped working. Now i checking volume for errors.
    Well, i sure understand, that it is NOT easy to develop such complicated software, but i critically sad that it become SO unstable in version 0,51
    Trying to roll back to 0.50


  14. Uwe Says:

    Hi everybody,

    i have a problem using ext2fsd with XP, with Vista is everythink fine.
    Who can help me?

    Thanks and kind regards


    Romani Reply:

    It seems this version is totally broken of WinXP


  15. XiaoYuBa Says:

    Hi everybody,

    Ext2fsd 0.51 is very useful for me because I need to store large video files under windows.
    Thanks for your great works.

    I found a bug when I use it with my SD cards. The XP system will crash every time when I reboot after hibernation, if the ext3-formatted SD card is not un-mount before suspend.
    I always need to do the video converting batches over-night and PC goes into hibernation automatically after jobs done. Sometimes some logs will be lost if the system is crashed after reboot.

    Hope this bug can be solved in next release.


  16. Roger Young Says:

    Under WinXP I find that Ext2fsd 0.51 will sometimes fail to start.
    After re-installation it works for a while, then no longer functions.
    What could be the reason for this strange behaviour?


    Roger Young Reply:

    Reply to self: It appears that the problem lies with the autostart option
    With this disabled Ext2Mgr functions perfectly :)


  17. Billy Cole Says:

    Hi, I’m in a crunch at-the-moment trying to get some work done. I came across this tool and just wanted to tell you that you guys have done an amazing job on this project. Works flawlessly and provides great functionality. Thank you for spending your time on this.


  18. Bob Says:


    I have an 8GB SD card with two ext3 partitions (see below). My Ubuntu 10.04 can recognize and mount both correctly upon SD card insertion, but on Windows 7 the second partition could not be mounted. I have tried various commands from Ext2Mgr without success. Any comments/suggestions?

    # fdisk /dev/mmcblk0

    WARNING: DOS-compatible mode is deprecated. It’s strongly recommended to
    switch off the mode (command ‘c’) and change display units to
    sectors (command ‘u’).

    Command (m for help): p

    Disk /dev/mmcblk0: 7968 MB, 7968129024 bytes
    4 heads, 16 sectors/track, 243168 cylinders
    Units = cylinders of 64 * 512 = 32768 bytes
    Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes
    I/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes
    Disk identifier: 0x28ce895e

    Device Boot Start End Blocks Id System
    /dev/mmcblk0p1 129 241248 7715840 83 Linux
    /dev/mmcblk0p2 241249 243168 61440 83 Linux


    Reinier Kleipool Reply:

    Same here! I have a 16Gb bootable USB stick so part1 is /boot with grub stuff. I need to access a file in the second partition! For some reason the partition is marked as “stopped” and I cannot assign it a drive letter. How to access files in the second partition of a USB disk?

    If this would work it is a great program!


  19. Sergey Says:

    The big request in following release in driver Ext2Fsd.sys to make by default the permission to record and utf8. Or will lay out at least such driver separately.


  20. Sergey Says:

    There is no possibility to disconnect USB-HDD having pulled out the tip (the filled in files don’t remain), only safe extraction of the device. Inconveniently.


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  23. acidearwiger Says:

    All perfectly works=) I am happy=) Thanx Matt!!


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  25. David Lee Says:

    Great job but if you have time can you sign the drivers from latest version (0.51)? There is a signed version (0.48) but it looks 0.51 fixes some more bugs and I’d prefer *that*. Thanks.


  26. yumeyao Says:

    Hi, I encountered locking issues with this driver installed.

    I have 2 HDDs, and one of them (HDD0) are dedicated for VMWare Player using, and another one (HDD1) is where Windows 7 (64-bit w/ sp1) runs.

    On HDD1, there are also 2 ext4 partitions mounted as read-only in ext3 mode. Then sometimes I encountered issues that HDD0 is locked so that VMWare Player runs incorrectly.

    Any chance to fix the issue? Thanks.


  27. Flo Says:

    Still it won’t remember read/write settings for ext4 after reboot.
    The last FAQ said that it would be included in this version… or am I missing something?
    That being said, great tool – thanks a lot!


  28. Alan Cohen Says:

    I was unable to install ext2fsd 0.51 on Win7 on a HP DV7 I7 laptop. I get a 175 driver blocked message when I attempted to install wlh i386. Same problem using the wlh amd64 option. Is there a workaround for win7?


  29. Bo Brantén Says:

    BSOD? I can help debugging any crashes if you send me the memory dump that is created.


  30. Jyrki Says:

    Can’t install Ext2Fsd on Windows 8. :( The installer says “This program cannot be installed on Windows NT version 6.1.8000 or later.”


    Joey Reply:

    Ditto on not being able to install it on Windows 8. Any suggestions?



    Joey Reply:

    Nevermind – installing and running in XP compatibility mode did the trick.


  31. Rivka Clemments Says:

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  32. Nicolas Says:

    I would like to keep my files from brocken storex media disk. I dismounted brocken storex box and using USB3 disk adapter on my win7-64 workstation.
    Tehre is 2 partitions on disk : swap for storex OS, that I see witout any problem with your driver. The driver letter has been assigned, and I can see all files in explorer. The problem is I don’t care about storex system files, I want my movies!!
    And the second partition of RAW type never vant the drive letter to be assigned from graphical interface, I am using volmount to assign a letter and now Explorer suggest me to format it because not recongnisible…
    Any suggestion ?


  33. Eelco Says:

    Same here I’m afraid, I can’t get Ext2Fsd to work properly for me. I’m on Win 7 Enterprise, and a linux disk attached via USB has a 500 MB Ext3 partition, and a 75 Gb RAW partition on it. The RAW one is obviously the one I’m trying to access (like Nicolas). I tried the ‘Disable Driver Signature Enforcement’ boot option as suggested elsewhere, but no joy. I cannot access the drive, or I should say Windows asks me if I want to format it. Any other suggestions?


  34. Cobolt Stargazer Says:

    Hello. I have all my data on a Netgear Stora MS200 and my computer and Stora crashed. I am using my Stora disk in an HDD external enclosure in the hope of recovering my photos, parents movies and music. I ran the Ext2 volume manager and I also get a partition UNKNOWN and file type as RAW.
    Any advice, links etc are welcome as I have reached my limit of capabilities and I must recover the data.
    Advice, help, suggestions are welcome as to what I can do now.


  35. joshua Says:

    Is there any update on this ? I#m struggling on windows 7 to just open the bloody partition as its corrupt and can’t find it. seems like this doesn’t work on win 7.


  36. albergo roma centro Says:

    Hi there! I just would like to give an enormous thumbs up for the good information you might have here on this post. I shall be coming back to your weblog for more soon.


  37. Amin Longo Says:

    The driver works indeed remarkably,

    But the only thing I too have to point out (as even someone else have been telling, reading other users comments) is that there’s still a missing which regards the possibility to hold on the Writing Mode Setting. It’s being always resetting instead in “Read Only Mode” upon reboot, and everytime I need to enable write support on.

    If this function could be finally enabled permanently once for all, the software to me would be really perfect. Thank You :-)


  38. SteveSi Says:

    Thank you for this great s/w! Very useful.
    I found a small bug.
    If you rename a file from test.txt to TEST.txt in Windows Explorer, it does not work and stays as test.txt. if you name it test1.txt and then TEST.txt it does work.
    Thanks again for this very useful utility!


  39. TheGrave Says:

    The software recognizes my ext4 partition as ext3. Is this normal? I’m hesitating to mount it even in read-only mode.


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  50. FreeCheeze Says:

    Great pro. I’m using Ext2Fsd-0.51 on Windows XP with my files on Linux Mint Maya at the same machine.
    But there’s still the issue that the “Mount in read-only mode” setting always resets to yes upon reboot, meaning I need to enable write support on every boot.
    Is there a commandline-option for it? Or is there another solution? Please telle me. It’s the last piece of the puzzle for me!!


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  53. Dan Says:

    Windows 7 User Access Control (UAC): I get a UAC message about extfsd when it starts. I find I can disable all messages from UAC and that’s what I have done.

    Is there a way to make extfsd work without UAC messages?


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  60. Daniel Says:

    Hi. Is the project dead? It would be a pity, as this is the only reasonable way I could find to share an ext4 volume on a dual boot system (w/ some limitations, such as read-only mounts by default and sometimes some files/directories cannot be deleted, but still can be moved within the ext4 volume).


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