Ext2Fsd 0.50 was repacked !

Please re-download Ext2Fsd 0.50 package and re-install. Or update Ext2Fsd.sys manually from latest 0.50 package.

Download link:


New packages checksums:

7c3942309ce986ac25b5ed648469399ab8a0fb6c *Ext2Fsd-0.50.7z
3dec201bd59aa516545e760e5c8a584bceab582d *Ext2Fsd-0.50.exe
2fb171ba41c31add4e4267a806d8596f2dfef4be *Ext2Fsd-0.50.src.7z
e0f465bf2237e0d846534736ec2305a74636f2bd *Ext2Fsd-0.50.src.zip
c13d95770818062887c2ddf2669433fc6a888bf2 *Ext2Fsd-0.50.zip


One dead-lock hang bug fixed: when copying big files (> 4G),
explorer would hang. This bug was introduced by fix #17 of
version 0.50: fastio doesn't update i_size.
Only file writing using fast i/o is affected.


73 Responses to “Ext2Fsd 0.50 was repacked !”

  1. Tyson Says:

    What on earth possessed you to make a new software release but not give it a new version number? We were not expecting that version 0.50 was going to be perfect, we accept that it will probably have a few bugs – that’s the nature of software development.

    We do however expect that newer versions of software will have higher version numbers.

    You correct this mistake by “repacking” 0.50 with an updated version number *immediately*.


  2. Rice Says:

    well done!
    I am very happy that the new version support chinese.
    Thank you so much.


  3. Niko Says:

    Why don’t you assign it a different version number?
    Do you pay for them :) ?


  4. mo0n_sniper Says:

    Doesn’t matter what version is it, just enjoy the program.


  5. joe Says:

    simply not work. I use D620 XP SP3. drive added yet when click says not formatted. ext2fs is same. used to work. may be windows update blocks it.


    adonios77 Reply:

    I have the same problem. When d.click Local disk(Y:) (ext2) or Local disk(Z:) (ext3) in “My computer” a window message says:

    Disk Y is not formated
    Do you want to format now? Yes/No
    I dont now that to do. (I press No because I dont want to loose everything) [?]

    Ubuntu 10.04 TLS / WinXP 32bit (greek)

    somebody help please


    swordfeng Reply:

    maybe you did not turn on the service…as it said like that


  6. jdv Says:

    I would like to report a small bug. I mount a ext4 partition with write support and everything works fine, but when I restart write support is gone and I have to open Ext2Mgr and renable it everytime I boot.

    Thanks for your work.


    Gez Reply:

    jdv, same here. ext2fsd 0.5 always mounts my ext4 in read-only mode after a restart, read/write doesn’t persist. Unless there’s a tweak I don’t know about.

    My temporary solution is to move Debian to an ext3 partition to obtain automatic write support


    kugel Reply:

    I have the same problem. I’ve made sure the ext4 partition doesn’t use features Ext2Fsd doesn’t support where possible.


    swordfeng Reply:

    me too…it’s so annoying


  7. jtsn Says:

    When changing the Partition ID of Linux-Partitions from 0x83 to 0x07, Windows detects EXT2/3/4 without the help of Ext2Mgr (which must be run as Administrator), just by using Ext2fsd alone and automatically assigns drive letters to the filesystems. Also Disk Management can see the Ext2 labels, assign drive letters manually and mount the partitions to a NTFS volume moint point. And Linux itself ignores the Partition ID anyway.

    The same happens on GPT disks without changing anything, because Linux uses the same GUID as Windows for “Basic Data Partition”.

    Is this nifty feature intended? Harmful side effects possible?


    Kimme Utsi Reply:

    How do you change the parttition ID of these Linux-Partitions? Under Windows or Linux?


    jtsn Reply:

    You can change the partition ID with Ext2Mgr (F12 key) or with Linux fdisk (command T). The result is the same.


  8. jackie lee Says:

    I’m getting a blue screen problem when scanning a drive that’s ext3. I have a file comparison python script that I’m trying to run, but after several minutes my computer BSoD’s and reboots. I converted the drive to fat32, and the script runs just fine.

    I’ve had the BSoD error for both a usb drive and an internal sata drive.

    How do I go about logging this problem or submitting the script files providing any other help to track this bug down?

    Other than this problem, the driver seems pretty good.


  9. gonssal Says:

    Not working on a Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit box.

    It detects NTFS, Linux and Linux swap partitions on the drive’s list, but when I double click any of them it says “Status: Not recognized” for all.


  10. E-Gwen Says:

    I was expecting a new version that supports ext4 since more than one year.
    I just try the 0.50 version.
    It doesn’t work when activating writing support on ext, though it was working fine with the 0.48 version. It makes my XP OS completly freezing.
    So back to the old version.
    Such a disappointment.

    Best regards.


  11. C COUL Says:

    Hi all and thanks for this very good tool…

    For my backups, I need to mount every day the snapshot of a Lun (formatted in ext3)…
    And with the help of ext2fsd and the automount feature, I will able to backup this Lun on my Windows backup box…

    But the automount only works the first time I configure it.. After a dismount and a new mount, the drive letter seems to be locked but my volume has no drive letters attached and has a new HardDiskVolume Number (the old one is linked with the drive letter configured) … And I can’t attach a new drive letter anymore..

    Is this configuration linked to the HardDiskVolume Number ?
    And if so, is there a solution to tell Windows OS that my Lun should always have a given HardDiskVolume Number ?

    Is there a way that ext2fsd checks the Lun ID to automaticaly mount it or have you some solutions ?

    Without ext2fsd, I mount NTFS Lun on this server and it is able to remember the correct drive letter.

    Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english.

    C Coul.


    shadowman Reply:

    Hi everyone. :)

    i ran into the same problem as C Soul and Leo recently. To make things worse, it seems that after the second configuration of a drive letter, nothing can be changed anymore. (E.g. when i try to change the drive letter, nothing happens). When the hard drive is reconnected it gets a new HardDiskVolume number but nothing happens. The only way to fix this, was to reset the whole system (windows 7 32 bit) to a state before the configuration changed.

    I haven’t tried to go back to an older version of the program, but i will try that in the next couple of days.

    If someone has a solution, I’d highly appreciate it.



  12. Ll Says:

    I long for the day when there’s full journalled write support It’ll be nice to have a second journalled filesystem read-writable between Windows and Linux


  13. Hisa Says:

    Ext4 write support not working on Windows 7 64bit. When I uncheck the readonly option on a fixed letter drive, Ext2fsd says that a reboot is needed to apply the changes.. After rebooting, the partitions are still in readonly mode, and the Ext2Fsd won’t run anymore… When I try to execute the program nothing happens…

    Does anyone has the same problem?


    Hisa Reply:

    What does

    Writing (on Ext4) is possible but with no size-extending.


    Thanks in advance


  14. Leo Says:

    I have the same problem as C COUL described above: the first time around, the USB drive works, but when I disconnect and reconnect, it gets a new HardDiskVolume# and I am unable to mount it. Looks like a pretty serious bug.


  15. Afton Chiong Says:

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    Thomas Sisson Reply:



  16. Al Says:

    Did some amateuristic speed-test with the windows clock:

    Copying a windows music-folder of 576MB from within windows to another directory:
    7 seconds

    The same copying to the Linux D: (/home ext3) partition very close by:
    23 seconds

    Disk details:
    * 500GB disk 7200rpm;
    * 45GB Windows 7 first partition, fully defragmented with xx-times defrag;
    * 20GB ext3 2nd partition D: or /home

    Although specs for transferring the same folder to USB2 are real horrible (119 seconds), I have severe doubts about the speed of Ext2Fsd on exactly the same disk!

    It is that I consider the developers behind Ext2Fsd very capable and motivated, so I hope these specs will go up as well as that /ext3 and ext4 will become fully workable in not that a matter of time.

    If not, one should leave their windows folders at the windows partition and make the windows partition bigger for that purpose.

    Or have a second windows partition or FAT, but then one gets into problem with the maximum of 4 partitions.

    My idea even is to bring over all the windows user data and program data to this D drive; I’ve found websites saying how to change the registry for that purpose.
    BUT… I hope the developers can continue on this idea, because I probably wouldn’t know how to clean the mess up as a first trial and what to do with my experiences.

    All the best!


  17. Al Says:

    I have i5-450 2.40-2.66Ghz CPU with 4GB DDR3 and no other prog’s running during test, so I suppose I measured almost real disk speeds?

    For changing the way files are written, a lot of CPU power is needed?


  18. Al Says:

    Or should I better work the other way around -leaving Ext2Fsd to ntfs3g- as there are some indications that NTFS works faster:


    In that case I should make an extra window ntfs partition, but then I get problems with my maximum permitted partitions as I have a boot partition before windows. And I like to have a separated user data drive.


  19. Jason Says:

    I would really love to know how the change partition type works. I accidentally changed my ext3 partition to extended and it immediately took effect (while drive was mounted!) and now I’m having a hard time getting any data off it at all.


  20. ccb4ever Says:

    this shit really put some suck in my dick god damn this kicks ass


    Thomas Sisson Reply:

    Inappropriate language, even if the intention is complimentary.


  21. themroc Says:

    Works with ext4 Filesystem. Great!

    Thank you.


  22. Brent Baccala Says:

    Needed ext2fsd briefly to recover a forgotten root password.

    I installed on Windows 7 to access a Linux partition on the laptop’s hard drive.

    Both 0.46a and 0.50 exhibited the same behavior: the splash screen would not go away and rendered the program unusable.

    I ran ext2mgr from an admin command prompt. First I ran with a “/quiet” option. It popped up a window quickly, which then disappeared. Next I ran without “/quiet”. I got a working window without the buggy splash screen.

    Again, everytime I use the program, I have to run it first with a “/quiet” option, then a second time to actually get a usable window.


    Coperator Reply:

    Thank you *very* much for your solution!

    I had this problem some time ago and didn’t found any solution.


  23. Robert Says:

    I’m experiencing a strange behavior

    If I connect to my windows 7 64 bit ANY linux partitioned and formatted drive, the windows 7 boot hangs.

    I tried my ubuntu hard disk (from my second pc) and I tried various disks disks from NASes.

    Same issue.

    Is this possible? Is it a windows 7 issue?

    Please note that on any of the drives, one partition is XFS file system.

    Thank you for any tip



  24. Marina Says:

    Весьма и весьма..


  25. Vhati Says:

    Oops, posted my comment in the wrong article. Here I go again…

    When I try to copy a couple gigs of ~350mb files onto an ext3 partition, 0.50 hangs explorer and anything attempting to list drive letters. I drag and drop, the drive light flares up for a couple secs then goes dark; the copy progress dialog never appears. Shutting down in that state also stalls (after closing everything, leaving the blank background), presumably because the OS (WinXP SP1) can’t cleanly release its devices.

    0.48 works fine.


  26. Cody Says:

    Wow. This really doesn’t work any better than the last version. Neither worked at all. Good job.


  27. j123b567 Says:

    I have huge performance penalty while using 0.50. When I copy files to the partition it tooks 100% of both CPU cores and highest speed is 300kB/s. Switching back to 0.48 solve it and it is back at 15000kB/s. I’m using it on 200GB Ext2 partition with Windows XP.

    Does anybody have similar problem?


  28. TinusT Says:

    I got a drive mounted (WD mybook which didn’t boot anymore in the case, removed and connected to my PC, now with ExtFSD got the mounting to work), but after mounting it doesn’t see any pictures or movie files on the drive, and tha’ts why I need to access it.

    Any ideas?



  29. Sergey Says:

    Deletes files with titles on cyrillic.

    At each assembling disconnects a disk on record.


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  34. karl a Says:

    I used ext2fsd to mount a ext4 partition into windows.
    however, i used GPT, not MBR to format the disk.

    I will admit that I didn’t study the documentation of ext2fsd before i tried to use it.
    When my partition wasn’t automatically mounted, I tried to change the partition type in an attempt to automatically mount the disk. In fact, I tried to change the partition type by using ext2fsd. I didn’t realize that I was trashing my partition table when I was attempting to change the partition type on my GPT formatted drive.

    IMHO, you need to warn people that changing partition type is going to wreck the disk.


  35. the one who knows Says:


    If you have problems with mounting disk in Windows 7 check in tool diskmgmt.msc (type this in Start menu) if drive which you want to mount is online. This helped me to deal with “Status: Not recognized” message



    Majorant Reply:

    your comment help me to solve problem with “not reconized” message. thank you.


  36. Cherelle Minnema Says:

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  37. ubuntu tutorials Says:

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  38. Thomas Sisson Says:

    I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit with Service Pack 1 and an AMD processor. I cannot add a top Administrator user password–I think this is a quirk, and I cannot run certain MSC add-ons such as User Administration–I have to use User Accounts. If I try to add or change a root/Administrator, it says that the password is not valid.

    When I tried to start Ext2Fsd the first time, it said this process requires elevation. I can see all of my partitions, regardless of what I use. The ext4plugin for Double Commander allows me to assign drive letters, but will not mount them as ext partitions.


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